School Philosophy

Competence could accurately be defined as merely taking the time to do a proper job. Most trained Spanish teachers rush through each lesson as if on a high speed train, whether they are being pushed by supervisors or simply out of habit. At Don Guillermo's the goal is to learn each lesson competently before moving to the next lesson.

Since the goal of most people is to learn fast, we are invariably tricked into the illusion that "going fast" is the same as "learning fast", and that cramming is quite normal. So how is one to answer the common question "How long does it take?" On one hand, any number of lessons is helpful. On the other hand, it may take years to learn a language properly. So, for most people the answer is somewhere in between. It depends on one's level of need and interest. Discard the gimmicks of the impersonal "factory schools", and think of learning Spanish as a little like having a garden.

At Don Guillermo's the students work interactively with the teacher. There is a small amount of homework to make the classwork more effective. Most like the approach very much and show great progress. The lessons and classes here are a mixture of work and fun!

Guillermo Salazar

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