Flamenco Guitar Instruction


photo of Guillermo

Learn the secrets of the flamenco guitar from Colorado's finest flamenco guitar instructor. Guillermo Salazar has performed and taught in Colorado for over 30 years. He is protege to the grand master Mario Escudero, and has also studied with Diego del Gastor, the undisputed king of "Flamenco Puro" . 

Mr. Salazar has appeared in solo concerts, as accompanist for Pablo Rodarte's 'Amanecer Teatro Flamenco' dance company, and with dancers Vicente Romero, Carmen Heredia, Debra Belo "La Furia", Jeanette Trujillo "La Muñeca", and on radio and television, as well as for "Young Audiences". For several years Guillermo appeared as second guitarist with maestro René Heredia, who has called him "one of the best guitarists in the United States". For three years Mr. Salazar was the flamenco teacher and mentor of Miguel Espinoza, Colorado's exponent of modern style flamenco-jazz fusion. For information about Guillermo Salazar's two recordings, now remastered on CD,  click on the link below:
Malagueña and Early Recordings from the Coffeehouse Period


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