Malagueña:  Guillermo Salazar LIVE IN CONCERT     

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Early Recordings from the Coffeehouse Period: Guillermo Salazar at age 19, 22, and 29 


Background of Early Recordings from the Coffeehouse Period

These recordings show the progress of the early part Guillermo Salazar's career as a guitarist. Tracks 12 and 13 are recorded in 1968 prior to any formal flamenco instruction.

Tracks 7 through 11 were recorded in 1971 and reflect the advanced nature of Guillermo's "toque" or flamenco playing at this time, following two years of instruction with Mario Escudero, and freshly having returned from immersion in flamenco in Andalucía, southern Spain.

Tracks 2 through 7 reflect a slight, but not total, change in the style to the more modern influences of the seventies. These are originally from his first L.P. titled The Flamenco Guitar of Guillermo recorded by Ken Keneely in 1977 at at his recording studio Free Reelin' Sound in Denver, Colorado. Mr. Salazar's development can be followed further on his later recording taken from live solo concerts in the 1980's: Malagueña: Guillermo Salazar, Live in Concert.

Track 1, the Sevillanas, was recorded 1989 for the dance student to learn and practice this Andalusian favorite. It is interpreted at a moderate speed for study purposes. G.S. 2004

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